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Sri Lanka is realizing its potential in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Services Outsourcing) industry where many international awards/rankings are being presented to the country in recognition of the growth. Marking another milestone in the progression of the offshoring industry, National Association for Outsourcing (NOA) has shortlisted Sri Lanka for the award of Offshoring Destination of the Year. This award is to be delivered during its prestigious award ceremony – NOA Awards – 2013.

HTML Conversion

The known nomenclature in fashionable use is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), one amongst the foundations of the planet Wide net. Originally, markup was utilized in the business enterprise trade within the communication of written work between authors, editors and printers. If you’re probing for correct HTML conversion services, then your search ends at with us. we will give you with correct services. By changing your content into HTML files, you’ll simply distribute your content. you’ll reach bent a lot of customers delivering your info via the web.

XML Conversion

XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) may be a cross-platform web-publishing format accustomed show and store info on the web. the benefits of XML over different web-publishing formats embody its flexibility, measurability, skillfulness and validation ability. remodeling existing internet publication formats to XML has been one amongst the foremost prolific tasks organizations perform, typically thanks to the varied blessings provided by the XML format. High-Grade Solutions is that the best place to urge your XML conversion comes done. Through years of expertise we’ve got gained experience with the conversion of each text documents and electronic formats into XML. we’ve got completed a range of XML conversion comes for many world customers.

Book Conversion

You can get your written books and manuscripts born-again into absolutely editable electronic files. High-Grade Solutions watch out of everything – scanning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), text finish off, proofing associate degreed styling to produce you an electronic file which will be emended, updated and changed into a usable product.

PDF/POD & Cover Conversion

We provides document scanning and PDF/POD process services in efforts to drive your company towards a “paper-less office” and supply help with varied PDF-related comes. We tend to concentrate on making high-quality, passable PDF document collections that need special attention by human specialists. There’s an enormous distinction between an easy unorganized clusters of scanned PDF documents and fully-inked, bookmarked, searchable and indexed filed that are tied along and prepared to be announce on the Web/Internet or burned on a CD/DVD. The foremost lovely and engaging half may be a cowl of a book, we tend to are take a lot of thought to style cowl pages for a book. If you would like an honest cowl page you’ll savvy from High-Grade Solutions.

DataEntry / OCR

Data Entry

Great experience in handling off-line and on-line information Entries for tiny scale and huge scale enterprises with offline/online information entry services, High-Grade Solutions capture the information from supply documents, edit existing information, ascertain and import into an information with needed accuracy. Offline/Online information entry includes the transcription of knowledge from the first supply into a machine-readable kind. We take advantage of distinctive processes to envision on accuracy and deliver information among a fast work time.


High-Grade Solution has been a pioneer in the use of the complex software and algorithms required for optical character recognition. Our use of this technology is so advanced that even software developers recognize that, is some aspects, we understand this technology better than they do.

ePub, eMobi and eBook Conversion

7+ years of experience!

ePub and eBook Production, we tend to deliver economical and skilled service for ePub and eBook production for our customers. Our practiced production employees is well trained and dedicated to serve our client the most effective. The distinct advantage we’ve got is our dedicated tools developed in-house. Our computer code Development Team works hand-in-hand with Production Team to fine-tune the applying..

Document Digitizing

High-Grade Solution is one of the most popular Scanning / data entry companies in Sri Lanka who has been providing quality Scanning / data entry services to several global customers. When you choose High-Grade Solution as your Scanning /data entry partner, you can be assured of accurate services delivered to you ahead of your schedule.

At High-Grade Solution , we realize the value of your time and therefore believe in delivering work within the deadline. But this does not mean that we will compromise on the quality of our work.

OUR Packages

Our biggest asset is our Production Team and Technical Team

Our professionals' team drawn our experties knowledge and understanding of the industry principles and procedure in order to clearly define our goals and objectives. Each one of them having expertise to leading business in the IT at various levels


Confidentiality and non-disclosure of information, keeping our promises, meeting our deadlines and standing by our commiments

Superior Performance Delivery

Experienced and insightful leadership oversees all projects, resulting in enhanced performance and thereby delivering excellent results to our valued customers

Continuous Learning

Continuous and consistent soft skills training and nurturing key competencies, thereby ensuring employee development and overall organizational growth.

Win Win

All company activities are carried out to ensure a win win outcome to our business partners, internal/external employees and customers

Our Content Management services drive enhanced content and data recoverability and accessibility. We provide high-accuracy, large-scale digitization services to transform content from paper and image formats into digital text.

It includes following services and many other types as per customer requirements.

Quality Assurance Process

Our dedicated professional QC team to ensure our client receive a High Quality product, as part of our company’s pride. A separate team of Quality Assurance will involve in Analysis and taking preventive actions based on reports from QC team and Client to ensure the continuous improvement of Quality.

QA Process Flow

  • Prerequisite is a 1st level audit which is to check the prime requirements of the output file such as Validation Errors, File Naming Conversion, File Format etc.
Sampling (with compliance to ANSI)
  • Sampling provides one rational means of verification that a production lot conforms with the requirements of technical specifications. Rather than evaluating all items, a specified sample is taken, inspected or tested, and a decision is made about accepting or rejecting the entire production lot.
  • Sampling will be fallen into below categories and each product will be sampled in both ways.
  • Stratified Sampling
    With this sampling system QA Team will select all critical fields and will be audited 100%. Critical fields will be determined according to Project specifications.
  • Random Sampling with compliance to ANSI ASQC Z1.4/Z1.9
    Sample will be selected according to ANSI Standards with appropriate AQL levels based on project nature and Required Accuracy.
  • Mining is an advance method to evaluate the performance of our Quality Inspection Team. We put some errors to the files purposely with proper tracking. Then evaluate how many errors were captured by our QC team (batting average).

eBook - First Passing Rate

During 2013-2016, 90% or our ebooks were aceepted by clients in the first inspection.

BPO -Ontime Delivery(TAT)

We manage our resources in accordance with client requirements efficiently .


We utilize 55% of our resources for Research and Developments. Innovative IT Electronic product will be launched soon.

Web - Client Accepting Rate

Rapid web developments for clients requirement.

Web Development

We're experienced website design and development company giving a variety of web solutions. We have better solution for promote your business to target crowd.


As an expert firm in Search Engine Optimization, we provide digital marketing solutions. Top rankings that help bring a wave of customers to your website

Logo Design

Make a lasting impression with a unique logo. We craft custom company logo designs, corporate identity and stationery.

Data Entry / OCR

The experienced staff of HighGrade has been providing Data Entry and OCR(Optical Character Recognizion) services for number of government and co-operate customers.

Content Management

Content Management Solutions by High-Grade encompasses many disciplines from XML, HTML, SGML Tagging, MathML Coding Solutions.

Software Development

As a highly innovative software designer, High-Grade has provided a range of software solutions and products.

Online Marketing Research

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eBook Creation

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Document Management

Document Scanning, Indexing, Archiving through software.