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Social Media Marketing Assistant

Job Type: Part Time
Qualification: Basic Computer Literacy

Software Developer

Job Type: Part Time
Qualification: 2 Years of Experience,, PHP

Web Designer

Job Type: Part Time
Qualification: 2 years of experience, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Photoshop

Data Entry Operator

Job Type: Part Time
Qualification: Basic Computer Literacy
Speed: 40 wpm

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How a part-time job could help you

We all know the struggle of student life. Some students don’t only deal with the pressures of schoolwork but they also have to deal with not having much money lying around. They have to pay for rent, textbooks, clothes, and food. The best solution to these money woes is find a part-time job.

A part-time job is a good way to teach you responsibility while putting a few cents in your pocket.

Here are a few reasons why a part-time job could help you.

Develop skills

You’ll be able to develop skills which will take you far in life, whether it’s team-working or communication. For example, you could learn how to deal with difficult customers and handle conflict. Mastering people skills will greatly assist you in leadership roles or advancing your career.

Future employment

If you can manage to study and work part-time, it shows the hiring manager that you can handle stress, prioritisation, and time management. And all these qualities could make you stand out from the rest of the candidates vying for the same position. Working part time will also give you experience and will help you to add references to your resume.


You’ll learn to be responsible and accountable for your work. It’ll be your job to ensure that your work is completed and deadlines aren’t missed. Because If you don’t complete your work you could get fired or fail your classes.


You’ll learn to manage you time more effectively as you multitask between your job and school work. And you’ll also learn to plan out your day more productively. Enhancing your time management skills could help you later on in your career. For example, you could find yourself in a fast-paced demanding job where your time management skills will come into play.


You’ll learn that a few sacrifices in life can take you far. Let’s face it when you’re working part time and studying, you won’t have a lot of free time on your hands. And you’re social life may suffer. You may have to skip a few parties in order to do well at your job and still pass your schoolwork.


The whole basis of getting a part time job is to have more money you can spend. You’ll have extra cash to pay for clothes, books, and food. You won’t find yourself broke in the middle of the month.

New experience

Working part time will expose you to new experiences. You’ll be able to meet new people and take a break from your busy school schedule. Taking time off from your books to work can help your brain recharge while you focus on other things.


Working part time will help you become independent, you won’t find yourself calling your parents asking for extra cash every month. It’ll teach you to stand on your own two feet and take the pressure off of your parents.

Your first job may not be glamorous; it may include cleaning toilets or being a cashier at a bookstore. But don’t worry most people had to start from the bottom in order to make it to the top. Life is about making a few sacrifices which will hopefully pay off in the end.

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Our biggest asset is our Production Team and Technical Team

Our professionals' team drawn our experties knowledge and understanding of the industry principles and procedure in order to clearly define our goals and objectives. Each one of them having expertise to leading business in the IT at various levels


Confidentiality and non-disclosure of information, keeping our promises, meeting our deadlines and standing by our commiments

Superior Performance Delivery

Experienced and insightful leadership oversees all projects, resulting in enhanced performance and thereby delivering excellent results to our valued customers

Continuous Learning

Continuous and consistent soft skills training and nurturing key competencies, thereby ensuring employee development and overall organizational growth.

Win Win

All company activities are carried out to ensure a win win outcome to our business partners, internal/external employees and customers




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    Software Development

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    Data Entry - Work from Home

Web Development

We're experienced website design and development company giving a variety of web solutions. We have better solution for promote your business to target crowd.


As an expert firm in Search Engine Optimization, we provide digital marketing solutions. Top rankings that help bring a wave of customers to your website

Logo Design

Make a lasting impression with a unique logo. We craft custom company logo designs, corporate identity and stationery.

Data Entry / OCR

The experienced staff of HighGrade has been providing Data Entry and OCR(Optical Character Recognizion) services for number of government and co-operate customers.

Content Management

Content Management Solutions by High-Grade encompasses many disciplines from XML, HTML, SGML Tagging, MathML Coding Solutions.

Software Development

As a highly innovative software designer, High-Grade has provided a range of software solutions and products.

Online Marketing Research

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eBook Creation

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Document Management

Document Scanning, Indexing, Archiving through software.

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